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Contact Us How to request a Consultation
A consultation with the Clinical Nurse Consultant may be requested by a health care professional to:
  • Provide a clinical assessment and recommendations relating to pain and symptom management
  • Assist in the development of a collaborative care plan
  • Provide case- based education and mentoring
  • Link to health care providers with specialized hospice palliative care resources

We advocate an Interprofessional approach to care, encouraging discussion with all members of the team, including the family physician.

Consultations can be provided by telephone, email or in person -through a joint visit in the patientís home Ė whatever best meets the needs of the health care professional and the patient.

Referrals are accepted by fax from a variety of sources including physicians, nurses, CCAC Care Coordinators, community agencies, hospices, long-term care homes and hospitals.

Completion of the Common Referral Form provides the relevant information for our Clinical Nurse Consultant. If you do not have the most recent copy of the Common Referral Form, this can be downloaded from our website.

Inquiries about the program can be made by calling 905 895-4521, ext. 6388 or faxing the Common Referral Form to 905 830 5978. The referral will be directed to the Clinical Nurse Consultant in the appropriate geographic location.

When calling with a referral, please provide:

  • Patientís name, address and date of birth
  • Presenting problem
  • Relevant history
  • Relevant clinical information

There is a Clinical Nurse Consultant assigned to all areas across Central LHIN.

Core Hours of Service
Clinical Nurse Consultants are available Monday to Friday, 0830-1630 hours.

On Call Availability
An On Call Clinical Nurse Consultant is available after hours, on weekends and holidays and can be reached by calling 905 954 5220.

Mailing Address

c/o Katie Rainer, Administrative Assistant
Box 22
596 Davis Drive,
Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 2P9

Tel. 905.895.4521 x 6388
Fax. 905.830.5978

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